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With more than 7 years of experience, BeDREX Kids Academy delivers well-rounded dance education for young movers ages 3-15. Taught by empirical teachers, and they work professionally in various aspects of industry and bring their expertise and knowledge into the classroom.

Our continued dedication to the Hong Kong dance community and our location in the heart of the Hong Kong make us the ultimate destination for dancers and student who full of dance passion.



Pre-Dance Class (2-3 years old):

Kids Dance Class (3-5 years old):
To inspire kid's dance rhythm and train up kid's physical and mental. Not only help kids to build self-confidence 
but also enhance kid's concentration, discipline and improve social skills.

Instruction :English / Cantonese
Class Size :10-15pax
1 parent/guardian is required to be in attendance

(Complete 3 semesters, after 24 classes)​
80% attendance will be entitled to a certificate which will be given in the last class.

Kids Dance Course (6-8 years old):
Teaching basic dance teachnic, for example footwork, coordination, body stretch. Foster the developmen