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Established in 2014, BeDREX is a drop-in dance studio, which means student can stop by at any time and take classes from our daily schedule.

We offer over 40 classes weekly, taught by many empirical teachers and choreographers. Our continued dedication to the Hong Kong dance community and our location in the heart of the Hong Kong make us the ultimate destination for dancers and student who full of dance passion.

Our Faculty:

Comprising more than 30 professionals, our faculty is fully committed to student development and training. Ensure student to find a favorite teacher in this diverse group! Our teachers work professionally in various aspects of industry and bring their expertise and knowledge into the classroom.


Annual events.

BeDREX commitment to education and development results in holding over 10 dance workshops and an annual showcase.

BeDREX showcase offering highly popular dance courses to more than 600 students. Providing the full performance experience, our students not only perform on stage in front of friends and families, but they also get to take part in all the backstage excitement and watch rehearsals in the audience under the supervision of teachers and staff.

We believe BeDREX has given students and the community facilities and programs that ensure the ongoing development of dance as a vital artistic pursuit in Hong Kong.

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